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This Faceless YouTube Channel Has The Best Headlines

  • 1 min read

For Relationships and Psychology topics.

YouTube in general is an awesome inspiration for every online writer.

Oftentimes I see headlines from YouTube popping up in my feed (oftentimes even with the same content structure…well)

The other day, I found a super cool faceless site with 2M subscribers.

It’s called “Brainy Dose”.

Headlines examples are:

  • 15 cute things girls so that guys love
  • 12 signs of intelligence you can’t fake
  • 7 secrets narcissists don’t want you to know
  • This is why you can’t find love

Sounds familiar?

Well… I guess a lot of online writers let themselves inspire by YouTube videos.

That’s not a bad thing to do.

So why not check out “Brainy Dose” for some inspiration for #Relationships and #Psychology topics?

YouTube is a giant. It’s the second-largest search engine in the world powered by Google.

If you search for a specific topic you want to write about you’ll definitely find inspiration on the platform.


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