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This Happened To The Sexiest Guy In My Hometown

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The awkward transformation from a sweet 16 yo tennis player to…

“Kristina!” my tennis teacher shouted when I missed the second serve as well, “where are your thoughts today?“

I am writing these lines in sweet remembrance of my youth in a small, green, quiet town near the vibrant big city of Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

“Sweet” mainly because there was a very special boy there whom all the girls my age adored.

After school, I liked to ride my bike to the tennis court.

One of the reasons was that I could watch him play there. He was the best in his age group and was a rising star. He was my age. Sweet 16.

I secretly adored him.

Once a week, I had tennis lessons with my tennis instructor, and that was especially exciting because I knew he would be playing too.

I would hear him groan and curse when he missed a ball, or cheer when he won the match.

He was tanned and wore tight tennis shorts and a white, tight-fitting shirt that accentuated his sexy muscles.

My tennis teammates once told me that in addition to tennis, he went to the gym every other day to keep in shape. He also wanted to study sports.

I think he knew that most of the girls on the tennis court adored him. Some also claimed to have had an affair with him or to have been to the movies with him.

Others told me stories from wild parties where he made out with several girls at once.

Since I was generally very cautious with boys in my youth due to my parent's divorce, having lost confidence in the world of men due to my father’s behavior, I just silently adored him — without paying too much outward attention to him.

Okay, sometimes I daydreamed of us kissing…

On a hot summer day…

It was a hot day in July.

I was wearing my pink tennis dress, was sweaty from practice, and wished for nothing more than to go home and take a shower….

I had parked my bike in the shade of a tree and was about to hop on the saddle when I heard a voice behind me that was all too familiar.

It was him, David (name changed) and he was calling my name.

When I turned around, I saw him. He, too, was all sweaty. He was coming toward me on his bicycle.

“Hi, Kristina”, he said, “do you want to cycle home with me?”

I was totally taken aback.

How did he know my name, why did he want to ride back with me and why today?

I turned him down.

To cut the story short, he was interested in me.

Maybe because I didn’t adore him on the outside like the others, maybe because I was also one of the best in my group, maybe because I was just a sweet 16 years old girl … something seemed to interest him about me.

The way back was up the mountain, then through a forest, and down into the valley.

My heart was pounding not only because we were going really fast on the bikes because he was setting the tone, but also because he was really sweet and nice although he also seemed a little arrogant.

He seemed to know exactly what he wanted in life (to study sports and become a tennis pro), what he wanted to eat (meat, meat, meat), and who he wanted to date (he told me he was very picky when it came to girls).

But when he asked me later if he could take me out the other day, I turned him down.

Why did I do that, even though I liked him?

Of course, I didn’t know if there was any truth to the rumors, but I didn’t want to be the hundredth girl he kissed and break his heart.

I often thought about David and finally met him again.


When I played tennis now, I sometimes looked at him longingly…. he looked back often, but never again asked me if we would meet.

Still, I often thought about him.

But whenever I saw him with a girl at one of our parties in town, I felt confirmed that I had done the right thing.

The years passed, and when I saw him again recently after almost two decades (!) …. I could hardly believe my eyes.

It was again a hot summer day.

This time in a park in my town.

I had just parked the car and was about to eat ice cream in the park with my son and husband when I saw a familiar tall figure out of the corner of my eye.

It was David!

But David no longer looked like the athletic, muscular tennis player for whom sports and a healthy diet had been everything.

Now he had a small belly…

and to make matters worse,…

… he was carrying a little Chihuahua in his arms.

I quickly hid behind a bush … but he had already spotted me… we smiled at each other, I gave a quick wave and then disappeared into the park.

Yikes! I thought to myself, so this is what happened to the girl crush of the village?

Final Takeaways

I guess, in any small village, there is this one sexy and sweet guy all girls have a crush on.

Most of the time we fall in love because we find someone physically attractive.

However, we never know what that person will look like in 20 years.

Maybe the pimply boy who you like talking to, and (secretly) adores you will have a great body in 20 years and be the best husband and father for your children plus really chases his dreams.

The sexy guy, however, maybe will not pursue his dreams, will let himself go and you won’t recognize him anymore.

Only time will tell.

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