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This Is For All Who Feel Overwhelmed With Trying To Figure Out The Medium Online Writing Puzzle

  • 3 min read

and would just love a clear path.

Especially when you're at the beginning stage of your writing journey you want to do it the right way — without the struggle.

I hear you!

Well, overwhelm keeps online writers on Medium from winning.

That’s why it’s so important to narrow your focus.

Within the last past 16 months, I’ve been writing around 400+ articles about Medium.

I became a credible source in all things related to Medium.

Additionally, I have a background in journalism and I’m a marketing expert.

So I know some things.

Here’s a list of the Top #3 binge-read-worthy stories for more clarity

These three stories not only inspire you but give you the clear steps needed to put the insights you learn into rapid action.

Plus: Don’t just take my word for it… hear what others who have my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp have to say about it…

#3 —⭐ Content batching:

Being all-in doesn’t mean you do Medium and only Medium.

I’m a marketer, a mom and I write on Medium in the evening.

Learn how to do it without the struggle.

WOW-worthy success story:

Mercedes O'Leary — incredible (new) writer and mom living in Alaska

I made a goal of publishing 50 articles on Medium this year.

Kristina politely dismissed my goal and encouraged me to write more in order to learn faster.

That made me uncomfortable. But I did it. This is my 50th article.

#2 —⭐ Curation Champion:

With my handy Curation Checklist, you learn how to get curated = promoted by Medium.

WOW-worthy success story:

Drashti Shroff — newly married aspiring writer from Ireland

A woman, after reading one of my stories, called me Narcissistic.

For me, it is a huge accusation but I pour my thoughts on it, in this article.

I was surprised to find out that this story was chosen for further distribution.

#1 — ⭐Top Writer:

You need to know this list of Top Writer tags to become one.

WOW-worthy success story:

Vishal Mehta — inspiring designer and writer from the United States

I did it in 3 months. I still can’t believe I made it to the top 50, out of the 18.2K writers in the topic — Ideas.

Had I known the process sooner, I could have done it in less than a month!

I followed the steps shown by Kristina… and I woke up with this email from Medium 😊. Vishal Mehta

Happy binge-reading!

Here’s my list of the Top #5 articles for figuring out the Medium online writing puzzle — without the struggle:

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