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This Is How De-Distribution on Medium Looks Like

  • 2 min read

And why you should avoid clickbait titles.

A fellow writer shared a screenshot of a story with me that accumulated thousands of views.

He was doing his happy dance for days because the views were skyrocketing. He told me that he usually gets around 150 daily views.

With this story, he got up to 3K per day.

Unfortunately, from one day to the next, he only heard crickets. When he woke up in the morning to check his stats they went down again.

His story wasn’t Boosted, recommended, or anything else.

Simply distributed throughout the platform.

A perfect success story, isn’t it?

Well, not really.

His views never picked up speed again. His story stopped earning money from one moment to the next.

He asked me what happened.

The only explanation I had was: “de-distribution”.

A Medium curator flagged his story as “clickbait”.

This severely hampered his article’s reach.

Get some tips to avoid clickbait headlines:

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