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This is How Many Times Per Week You Should Publish Stories in Regard to Medium’s New Quality Bar

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It’s the same old question of quality vs. quantity. Which tribe do you belong to?

I see writers pumping out at least one story per day.

But there are also others who scaled back their cadence to 1 to 3 stories per week.

If you observe what Tim Denning, Medium’s most popular writer does, you know that he writes up to three stories per day! Sometimes even more.

Wouldn’t want to get his emails in my inbox, except I’d be a super fan. lol.

Reading three times per day from Tim is way too much, don’t you think?

But if you aren’t a subscriber and just a follower then it’s nice to see Tim popping up in your feed from time to time, don’t you think?

He is the reason I joined Medium in the first place. But that’s a story for another day.

So it’s the same old question: does quantity or quality win when writing online — especially on Medium?

But we ask this question in a totally revamped ecosystem: updated algorithm, new earnings calculation, new Medium Partner Program requirements, and the most important change is that Medium raised the bar. The buzzword here is “quality human writing”. I know “quality “ is subjective, but that’s how it is.

So this question comes up so often when thinking about the recent updates and changes.

I’ll go first

I think that we are writers. We love to write and share our journey, our thoughts, our suggestions, questions, crazy stories… whatever comes to our minds.

Often we want to hit publish right away because we have so many stories to tell and share with the world.

I know many writers are multi-passionate. They love to write about multiple topics.

Another thing I know is that most writers want to have FUN writing online. They don’t want to be strategic and super intentional about every post. Of course, it helps to tweak your headline thirty times and rewrite your story to make it shorter and more precise BUT on some days all you want is to share your rage (or whatever feeling you have) with the world.

So in my opinion: everybody should write as much as he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it.

But let’s hear what two other top writers think about it.

Recently I had the pleasure to interview Zulie Rane and Sinem Guenel for my YouTube channel.

In our chat, Zulie shared the following:

“I personally have scaled back to about one a week, and I have benefited a lot from that in terms of growth on Medium, in terms of working on my own craft, just making sure that every story I write is good.

Good and something I’m proud of and something that if a client happened to see it, they would be like: Oh, that’s a really great piece of work from Zulie.

I always choose quality on Medium over quantity. And I think with the Boost mechanism in play and even trying to get into publications, quantity is not going to get you anywhere unless you are one of these rare, rare writers who can pump out a story a day and not lose on quality.”

Potential disadvantages of publishing more

Let’s pause here for a while and think about the disadvantages of publishing a story a day or several times per week:

  • Readers could get tired of reading the same thing five days a week
  • the writer is going to burn out and just run out of things to talk about
  • the writer could get tired of opening up Medium every single day and trying to come up with a new idea.

Now let’s hear what Sinem Gunel has to add to the conversation:

“I would say you have to consider for how long you can keep doing it before you get really bored of repeating yourself. Over and over again. It’s kind of a personal decision too.

Do you want to be kind of a content producer? Do you want to be a person who constantly produces new stuff and puts out new stuff?”

I don’t think many writers can do quantity and continue producing enough quality work

During our interview, Zulie added important things to our discussion:

“My answer has actually changed. So, Kristina, you mentioned a couple of examples like Eve Arnold and I know Tim Denning is another person who has a lot of success with quantity. I’ll be honest, I don’t think many writers can do quantity and continue producing enough quality work that their work is going to be seen by people who are going to boost them.”

Questions you can ask yourself

I loved the questions Sinem shared:

  • Do you feel good about that?
  • Do you get energy out of that? Or does it feel bad? Draining?
  • Does it feel unsustainable?
  • Do you want to be able to give yourself a week of time to work on a piece that really matters to you?

It’s kind of a personality thing. Everybody works differently.

“There’s not one right way to do it. As we’ve said, different approaches work. I think Zulie and I are just very similar in the way we are writing and working right now, where our preference is.

How can I get the most leverage that creates the biggest impact (…) let me call it by making by making strategically smart decisions instead of just trying to do more.

It kind of depends on where you are at in your stage. I used to write a lot more than I do right now because I have more experience and better insights now than I had five years ago.”

I’d like to pick your brain. What do you think about this debate of quality vs. quality? How often do you publish a new story on Medium?

Here’s my interview with Zulie and Sinem for reference:

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