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This Is Huge! Medium Will Finally Update Its Buggy Apps

  • 2 min read

Some updates were long overdue. Others will be missed.


Medium announced in its monthly newsletter that they want to create

a more unified and familiar Medium experience across Android, iOS, (and the Medium website).

This is huge!

Some updates were long overdue and I’m glad they’re finally fixing some bugs.

My hope for the future

  • We can earn more.
  • Get read more.
  • Finally enjoy reading (and listening) via the app again!

Nevertheless, I also have bad news for all who love to compose with the app on the go.

Medium will take away the ability to write in the app.

Some writers use it a lot when they are out and about.

It lets them start new stories and then complete them later on the laptop.

That’s a real shame. 😥 Ella Heart

Here’s all you need to know:

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