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This Is Insane! Did You Know You Could Make $20,000 With Only 2K Followers?

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I interviewed the man who earned five times the annual income in his country from a single story.

I love to read and share success stories from writers with a small following (like mine).

Today’s story is about S M Mamunur Rahman.

S M from Bangladesh has now 4.2 followers.

Back in October 2021, when he published his viral hit he had 2K followers.

You may have already experienced that followers are a vanity metric.

Thousands of followers don’t mean you earn big bucks.

Recently, S M’s story Why Elon Musk Fired His Long-Term Assistant Who Asked for A Raise published in ILLUMINATION popped up in my feed again.

This time I clicked it.

I saw it had 20K claps and over 200 comments.

So I dug a bit deeper and found out…

this story about Mary Beth Brown, a former employee from Elon Musk, went MEGA viral.

Meaning it has gained…

  • over 500K views
  • around $20,000 (!)

Short and sweet Interview: S M is from Bangladesh and earned 5x an annual income

S M is from Bangladesh
image by the Author: screenshot of profile page of S M Mamunur Rahman
  • S M told me back in October, he had 2K followers. So he gained 2K followers within 4 months.

(…) I think (from my experience) followers don’t mean anything on Medium.

  • Moreover, he has gained around 90 referred members with his viral hit (plus his other stories).
  • He’s from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • A person working in Dhaka typically earns around 29,100 The Bangladeshi taka (BDT)= $338 per month and $4,056 per year.

$20,000 is undoubtedly a lot of money for me.

This is universe-changing money, isn’t it?

It’s 5x a year’s income in Dhaka.

S M bought his parents something nice.

When I asked S M what he did or plans to do with the money he answered:

(…) I bought my mom and dad expensive presents.

I think this is a great gesture.

To give your parents and your family something (back).

Final Takeaways

I’ve never seen a story with such massive results before.

Apparently, S M did:

And you know, there are people who earned more than $50K from one viral story. Hahaha!

Isn’t that INSANE?

Yes, it really is.

Nevertheless, S M emphasizes:

(…) no one can write an article and be sure that it’s going to be a hit.

I wrote 27 more stories in that month and most of them didn’t get me even 5 dollars. Even a lot of my 253 stories written in the last 1.5 years earned me less than one dollar.

But if SM hadn’t written those hundreds of $1-stories, his $19,000-article would never have appeared.

© Kristina God

Here’s the mega-viral story everyone soon will be talking about:

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