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This Is The Difference Between You And More Successful Writers

  • 1 min read

Instead of being jealous, take action.

This article is for all new writers who recently asked me how I manage to hit publish every single day…

… and for all those who seem to be jealous of my “success” and leave nasty comments or private notes.

Here’s my dirty little secret to being successful on Medium:

Consistency. This isn’t hard to manage. It can be fun.

Oftentimes we’re just making it hard.

So before you envy someone and write a rant about him/her or you stop writing because you don’t see any success within the first days or weeks, try to hit publish more often than you do now.

Most new writers are lacking consistency.

They pump out tons of content, then they stop… a few weeks later they come back… hit publish again.

Here’s my secret:

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