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This Is the End of “YouTube-Video-Viewers” Which “Steal” Stories and Don’t Deliver

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Better show me your six-pack. Don’t write. Act.

I found an interview in the Yard Couch on Substack in which Tony Stubblebine, Medium’s CEO talked about the future of Medium.

In this video, he took a clear stance against stories based on YouTube videos. At least that was my takeaway message.

He didn’t say explicitly “YouTube”.

Let me explain.

All those 30-Day-X, morning routine, caffeine, anti-alc, detox stories are somehow stolen from popular YouTube videos.

When I studied journalism I learned it’s okay to get inspired and find a catchy angle but you have to…

  • add value
  • your personal experience
  • an interview with an interesting person
  • or other “special” things that make your writing unique.

Of course, if you check the big media outlets there are stories for instance about “quiet quitting” in almost all publications BUT they have their twist on things.

Too often I read a story on Medium and think…

Didn’t Patrick (my husband) tell me about the exact thing from Huberman or Hormozi or another YouTube guru?

Although it’s still happening on Medium, I’m glad Stubblebine is aware of it.

For him endless content is dead.

In the pod with Yard Couch, Tony claims that a lot of Medium creators used to rewrite well-known stories for their gain after seeing a compelling angle online.

Tony explained:

“I’m not getting value here. (…) I’m getting tricked into reading these articles — they got a great title, maybe an interesting intro but by the time I get to the bottom they didn’t deliver.”

In the past, rather than emphasizing the quality of the content, the algorithm was rewarding clicks.

That’s why clickbait (similar to content on YouTube) will be dead and buried on Medium as soon as someone from Medium’s team finds out about it.

Add your twist or your story gets buried

In the past, those stories played endlessly on Medium.

Writers made thousands of dollars with them through distribution.

With its new Boost nominators and human Medium curator team the rules of the game have changed.

That’s the beauty of human curation I think.

In addition, you’ll only gain short-term success if you try to copy a story.

If you hear something that inspires you find your twist.

People gonna love you for reading your twist on things.

Show me your six-pack!

Oh and if you share a “I tried doing 100 reps a day for 30 days” don’t show me your face.

That’s what I think even if it’s a young writer:


Show me your body.

Your muscles.

Your transformation.


Recently I saw a popular story where a writer made a photo of his face BEFORE he went to the gym.

Common, guys? Who’s falling for this!

Show me that you did the reps and not only watched someone else doing the reps in the gym.

Tony Stubblebie’s vision for Medium

Tony’s vision is to have at least one life-changing story per week or month on Medium.

Why not go for one life-changing story a month?

A really interesting story.

Based on your experience.

Do you have one? Jump in the comments and share the link! I’m happy to feature 2–5.

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