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This Is the Only Part of Medium That Turns Your Efforts Into Cold Hard Cash

  • 1 min read

No, it’s not reading time.

No, it’s not reading time.

It’s not followers or views.

It’s the ONLY online writing business asset with a return of $36 for every $1 spent — or even higher!

Any idea what I’m talking about?

I know what it feels like to invest countless morning or evening hours on Medium…

…and I want your payoff to be GREAT.

That’s why you should only focus on one part of your Stats Page.

Your email subscribers!

Your email list can support your dream writing business and help you generate your own revenue — without being dependent on Medium’s algorithm or Boost.

I’ve grown my Medium email list from zero-zilch-nada to 500 subs in about 29 months

Make sure to promote your email list every now and then and spend your precious time on something that is going to pay you off *big* in the future.

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