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This Is The Place on Medium Where Boost Nominators Go to Find Boost-Worthy Stories

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It’s not their own publication.

Getting Boosted or not makes a difference.

“The winner takes it all”, says Michelle Teheux about getting Boosted.

Here’s an example of a Boosted story she’s really proud of:

screenshot Boosted story Michelle

In September 2023 she had 5 Boosted pieces and made $1,300 in a single month which is huge.

Another example is my alumni Charisse Tyson. She also recently managed to get Boosted:

screenshot Cat on Substack

Are you still waiting to get Boosted?

Well, maybe you’re missing out on one thing!

You don’t make yourself visible to nommers. Boost nominators are editors from the community who can nominate your story for a Boost.

“Kristina, what the hell do you mean by this? I follow all your tips!”

Well, here’s something I haven’t told you yet.

There’s a place on Medium where you have to be to be seen and get found.

It’s a new place and called “Topic Directory”.

I wrote about it multiple times but apparently didn’t emphasize enough how powerful it is.

Here’s what you need to know about Medium’s new Top Directory based on my interviews with Boost Nominators (Tom Smith, Sinem Guenel, Zulie Rane, and many others):

1– The first thing you need to know is that when new readers join Medium to discover writing, to explore new stories, they can subscribe to a topic page:

Let’s say you’re interested in #Writing, then it looks like this:

photo credit: Explore topics #Writing

2 — Based on what they choose to follow, and which pages they check out the algorithm is going to show them more of those specific stories or stories that are tagged with that specific topic in their feed and as recommended stories:

photo credit: #Writing feed from Kristina God

3 — That’s why you want to use tags and topics that will get you in front of the right audience.

If you are using tags and topics just because you think they are popular or they have a lot of followers, it’s not going to get you anywhere because you are not going to find a match between an audience that actually wants to see what you write.

Popular topics or tags are for instance #Writing, #Life, #Lifelessons. These are tags that could help you to become a Top Writer (tutorial on my YouTube channel)

YouTube tutorial on How to Become a Top Writer

Here’s a list of the Top Meta tags on Medium that are most popular.

screenshot of list of most popular tags

4— Attention, please! This is relatively new! Many Boost nominators look at topic pages to find Boost-worthy stories. That is super important to keep in mind!

“So when we scroll through our publication, and we still have a few nominations open, or we can’t find Boost-worthy stuff right away, the first thing we do, or the first place we go is topic pages. So we might look at the topic pages for marketing, social media, advertising, whatever we are interested in, whatever is in our range of expertise, and we’re going to those topic pages looking for exceptional stories” shared nommer, editor and Top Writer Sinem Guenel in our latest interview with me.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind!

If your story is not showing up on the topic page, even though it’s topic-wise related, nommers are not going to be able to discover it.

So this is where it has to be found:

screenshot topic #Writing

“If your story shows up under the social media tag that has nothing to do with social media, I’m not even going to check it out. If that’s what I’m looking for, there’s a purpose for why I’m on the topic page. So you really do want to make sure there is a match” emphasized Sinem.

Want to learn more about how Boost nominators think and tick? Sinem and Zulie have the answers:

and nommer Tom can also guide you:

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