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This is The Right Way To Do Substack in 2024

  • 1 min read

From a Substack writer with 3,300 subs.

On my YouTube channel, I have a video with about 16,000 views and over 400 likes about my “from zero to hero” story about Substack.

I didn’t share this video to brag. I shared this to show what’s possible if you put effort, tears, and sweat into your mailing list.

I get a lot of questions based on this video. The most common question is “What’s the RIGHT way to use Substack”.

So today I shared my answer via YouTube:

If you’re on the fence and would like to start writing on Substack before 2023, start yesterday!

  • You can choose to make your writing paid or keep it free.
  • Write whatever you like.
  • Let others do their thing too.
  • If anyone bothers you, just don’t pay attention to them.

I do it my way.

You do it yours and that is what makes Substack so special!

Here’s my statement:

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