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This Is The Simple Reason Why Your Views Will Be Down This June

  • 3 min read

No, it’s not your fault!

I received a lot of emails from writers complaining and worrying about their stats.

My views have been declining for the past few weeks.

Is it my fault?

They asked me whether that’s an algorithm change.

To be honest, I don’t think so.

Come on guys, let’s bring some common sense to the table.

It’s June.

It’s warm outside and I love to spend a lot of time outside.

I’m in good company. I think people’s attention is elsewhere at the moment.

Views fluctuate during the year. That’s just part of the game.

It’s the summer slowdown happening in any serious business.

There are great months and there are terrible months in any kind of business.

It’s not surprising to see a very slow May to August 2022 — meaning Q2 to Q3.

Here’s the good news and tips to boost your views

  • 👍 There will be rainy days, too…. okay, I’m only joking…
  • 👍 Timely news hooks still are relevant the whole year-round. Especially gossip such as Johnny Depp winning the defamation court case:
  • 👍Creating evergreen content that stays fresh over a long period of time is smart. It generates views and reads constantly during the summer slowdown:
  • 👍Think outside the box as I did with this story about a crazy guy who has an awesome marketing strategy in regard to Pornhub and promoting his online courses:
  • 👍Create an online course to earn some extra cash — I’ll teach you how you can make money with what you already know and love. It’s really easy!

Final Takeaways

Keep reading and writing as much as you can!

Don’t spend much time worrying about fluctuations.

I‘m ABSOLUTELY sure you have something better to do this summer.

© Kristina God

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