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This Is the Type of Content Boost Nominators Are Looking for

  • 2 min read

Put yourself in a position of luck

Nominators from the Medium community support Medium’s internal Curation team by nominating your stories for a big fat Boost.

Then it’s up to Medium’s curation team to evaluate whether to Boost your piece.

Per week, Nominators can nominate up to 5 stories for a Boost.

If they are 100% successful they can earn $900 USD.

But what type of stories are they looking for?

Thomas Smith, the owner of “The Generator” one of Medium’s first Nominators, shared with me in an interview:

“I’m looking for stories that really go that extra mile.

That really go in depth.

I like stories that share a lot of real world examples. Not just sort of theorizing.”

If you want to learn more about the Boost, discover my Boost series on Substack where you can find:

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