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This Is What Happened When I Published 24 Articles In One Month

  • 2 min read

…for instance, I tripled my earnings.

Actually, I wanted to make a 30-Day-Challenge in April. But I failed, for instance, because of my Mother’s Block. LOL.

But finally, I managed to publish 24 articles and became one of the Top 1,000 writers on Medium. In my latest article, I shed a light on my first bonus month and took a closer look at the metrics.

‘The Shortform’ is one of the seven pubs I hung out the most in April. Nine articles were published in this pub. None of them were chosen for further distribution (CFFD) because Medium doesn’t promote short form articles. But the 16 long form articles were all CFFD.

Moreover, I tripled my earnings, increased my views by 180%, and gained 200 new fans.

👇Learn more and get inspired👇.

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