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This Is Where You Can Get Free Images for Your Medium Blog That Draw Your Readers in (With Video)

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It’s the snap of a visual that might be the difference between a scroll and a pause.

When I shared my stories about a formula for high-quality content, I got this comment:

“I had to click this post. Why does she wear a watermelon helmet? You should add “incredible images” to the formula for high quality content!”

This is the featured image of the post this reader is talking about:

photo credit: screenshot of story by Kristina God

I love Medium’s clean and minimalistic style.

However, I think the featured image can really make a difference.

Images are super important on Medium

Especially if you keep in mind that every day hundreds of thousands of stories are flooding Medium, it’s important to find a way to stand out.

In fact, visuals can be the silent ambassadors for your stories!

It’s the snap of a visual that might be the difference between a scroll and a pause.

Consider this — pairing words with the right image amplifies views by a striking 94%.

But it’s not just about numbers. For me it’s the art of connection, the alchemy of emotion and attention.

So I spend an awful lot of time searching for the right image.

“This is worth your time.”

With my featured images I want to stand out from the crowd and whisper in the ears of my reader:

“Trust me. This is worth your time.”

Now, you ask, where do we find these visual allies?

From my over 1,700 published posts on Medium, here are 8 incredible free stock photo sites that help you stand out from the crowd:

1 — Unsplash

Not just photos, but stories captured in time. The sheer range and quality feel almost unreal for a free platform.

2 — Pikwizard

A hidden gem, where you find not just images, but also videos. It’s the cinematic touch your content might be yearning for.

3 — Pixabay

Diversity is its middle name. From illustrations to vectors to videos, it’s a digital buffet.

4 — Reshot

Handpicked, non-stocky images. The charm lies in its uniqueness and candid feel.

5 — Morguefile

Don’t get misled by the name. It’s a classic archive, packed with free-to-use photos, often raw and unedited, waiting for your touch.

6 — Dreamstime

A dream for both photographers and content creators. With a section dedicated to free images, it’s quality meets generosity.

7 — Rawpixel

Breaking the mold with its edgy and contemporary collections. If you’re looking for something ‘different’, here’s where you start.

7 — Pexels

Quality and quantity find a beautiful balance here. From photos to videos, it’s a comprehensive visual toolkit.

8 — Gratisography

Quirky, offbeat, and unapologetically different. If eccentric is your vibe, dive in.

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Here’s the full video for YOU with all 7 Medium writing hacks:

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