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This Medium Advent Calendar Is Freaking Awesome!

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Come climb up on Mrs. Claus’s lap and tell her what you want this year…

When I was growing up, I always looked forward to December 1.

It was the day I got to open the first door of my Advent calendar.

As a kid, I loved to have chocolate before breakfast.

Fast forward to today, I created an Advent calendar for my little one and my hubby.

When I filled each panel, I thought about my subscribers and fans and I also wanted to do something very special for them.

So the idea of a virtual Advent calendar was born.

Why did I create the Advent Calendar?

Around Black Friday, I received a lot of emails and DMs asking me about a new Medium Boot Camp or blogging course.

Due to my Mummy duties, I couldn’t update my videos and offer you a special deal. I’m sorry.

Spoiler alert: Next year I’ll offer new and up-to-date courses (with new audio, new setting, and better vibes).

As a thank you for being an all-around awesome human being all year round and staying on my nice list, I would like to sweeten the weeks before Christmas for you.

What is Kristina’s Advent Calendar all about?

Chocolate = value-packed, bite-sized videos about blogging on Medium.

These short and sweet videos are perfect even if you’re super busy and don’t have much time.

Each day of the holiday season, you’ll receive an exclusive video (from my Bootcamps, online courses, and my YouTube channel).

I really hope, my inspirational Advent calendar will give you guidance and help you gain momentum on Medium to crush it next year.

How to get Kristina’s Advent Calendar?

If you’re a subscriber on Substack I’ll email you one video every day until Christmas.

Follow me here.

On Medium, I’ll also share a video from time to time with further information in written form. To get the videos, simply follow my publication “Online Writing 101" and my account.

Ohh… here’s my surprise for Day 1

Did you know that according to Forbes Advisors Medium belongs to the best blogging platforms in 2022?

Click here to watch Day 1: Personal Blog vs.

With love,

Kristina aka Mrs. Claus

P.S. I have a bag full of special gifts, and prizes for anyone who engages with me, shares feedback, comments, and claps on Substack, Medium, or YouTube.

P.S.S. Get full Medium access!

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