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This Medium Feature Is Gone (But Most Writers Don’t Know It)

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I still see writers promoting it although it’s worthless.

On X, Facebook, or Medium I still see writers promoting a feature that used to be powerful but is now gone.

Medium tossed it out.

Here’s the story — short and sweet.

In August 2021, with its Referral Program Medium wanted to evolve its Medium Partner Program (MPP) and make it more attractive.

Most authors blamed themselves, but the Referral Program just wasn’t thought out properly.

If you referred 100 readers to sign up for a monthly Medium subscription, you would earn $227 each month.

Unfortunately, most writers converted zero to no users to subscribers.

Even writers with 100K+ followers and a successful YouTube channel were struggling.

There were a lot of speculations that the subscriber bounty would probably be dropped soon.

In fact, Medium sunsetted its Referral Program a few months ago.

Stop sharing it! Better share your newsletter.

Did you know it?

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