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This Medium Story About ChatGPT Belongs To The Top Search Hits

  • 2 min read

Write about AI and ChatGPT and see a traffic bump.

I was doing research for one of my upcoming stories when I came across Similarweb.

I have a Similarweb Pro account and love to share data with my followers.

This time, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the impact of ChatGPT.

I found out that the Medium story “5 Business Ideas Using AI and Make Money with ChatGPT” by Levente belongs to the most successful money stories with regard to ChatGPT in regard to search hits.

On Medium it has only 51 claps and 1 comment but it’s performing pretty awesome and gets a lot of external traffic!

His story is attracting the most traffic from the “how to make money” topic!

ChatGPT is super popular in search!

If you want to see a spike in your views just write about this topic.

Of course, not the same old stories.

Find an interesting case study and share it!

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