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This Medium Writer Doubled His Mailing List in a Year — Here’s How

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How recommendations transformed Lenny Rachitsky’s journey as a writer

In October 2022, Medium writer Lenny Rachitsky shared that a jaw-dropping 78% of his 250,000 subscribers had come via recommendations from other Substack newsletters.

One year later, his subscriber count has doubled to an astonishing 500,000.

Lenny’s secret weapon?

Utilizing Substack’s recommendations feature to its fullest.

According to Rachitsky, this feature is “one of the most impactful growth features in history.”

Not only did it dramatically amplify his reach, but it also changed the trajectory of his newsletter.

This type of exponential growth shows just how influential recommendations can be, and how you can replicate this for your Substack.

Here’s a revelation that may surprise you…

…the key to your Substack growth lies in your current subscriber list.

These are not just readers. They are hidden gems and potential influencers who can elevate your newsletter to new heights.

Learn more about how you can actively boost your subscriber growth on Substack:

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