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This Medium Writer Makes $12K in Revenue With Substack

  • 2 min read

It’s the perfect platform for writers to grow and get paid

How much did you make with Medium in revenue?

Well, there’s one fellow writer friend called Karen Cherry.

She’s a mompreneur and owns a Substack newsletter with 125 paying subscribers.

These subscribers aren’t followers.

Followers are a vanity metric

These raving fans love her content and fell in love with her writing.

$12,000 in revenue does she get from them? Why? To continue her awesome work she finally gets paid for her writing.

Could she make this amount of money on Medium?

I don’t think so.

Her newsletter is about food safety since Karen is a food safety expert.

#Food is a topic you can follow on Substack but it’s not a niche that pays.

Besides the money, Karen owns Rotten Apple.

She owns her subscribers and her subs pay for her voice and her knowledge.

They subscribe only to have Karen in their inbox!

Check out Karen’s newsletter!

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