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This Medium Writer Makes More Than $4,000 on NewsBreak

  • 1 min read

He’s not alone.

A lot of writers on Medium are struggling to make money on Medium.

Even earning $100 on Medium is tough. Only 6–8% of writers earn this amount on a monthly basis.

Although Tony Stubblebine is promising awesome things for the future — such as paying publication editors, boosts for quality stories with higher payouts, and much more views — …

A lot of writers spread their wings and also started writing on other platforms.

Bryan Dijkhuizen, the Submission Manager of Mind Cafe, has been writing on NewsBreak for several months now.

He’s sharing local news and earning more than $4,000 with this strategy.

Other Medium writers are Tom Handy and Toni Koraza.

If you want to become a full-time writer or simply earn more money, instead of complaining about Medium better spread your wings and try your luck on other platforms.

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