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This New Writer Needs Your Help

  • 2 min read

And you can earn $100 too.

My friend and former boot camper Tamil takes part in Winston’s Coffee Times Challenge.

The Coffee Times is a wonderful place for new writers and for competition lovers.

I’m sure you can relate that it’s not easy to show up, promote yourself, and ask others for help.

Hey, the only thing we can control is what?

How we show up! How we think about it and the perspective.

Tamil was willing to get a little bit uncomfortable.

This time she said to herself:

Let’s do it anyway… and she hit publish.

This is her unique piece for the challenge.

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It really means the world to Tamil:

Your soul can lead you to happiness

Here’s the challenge you can also take part in and win $100:

🥰 Medium is all about building connections, supporting others, and growing together, isn’t it? So, please support Tamil.

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