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This Publication Owner Needs Your Help

  • 2 min read

It’s an opportunity to carry the torch for the future of this publication by becoming a co-owner.

The truth is, being a pub owner is its own ballgame.

It’s not easy and takes a huge commitment.

Megan Llorente, the owner of the popular publication “Modern Women”, is ready to step back and is looking for a Co-Owner.

“(…) but only once I know it’s in super good hands moving forward :),” she shared.

Your job description

  • Committed to publishing and elevating the work of others
  • Eager to edit frequently so writers get their work out there quickly
  • Excited to bring new ideas and evolve the publication

Proof in the pudding

Megan is going to decide based on the “proof in the pudding.”

“(…)I’ll add you on as an editor. And over the coming weeks, I’ll get to know your editing style, we’ll talk lots and see if becoming a Co-Owner is truly the right fit.”

How to apply?

Interested? Send an email to


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