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This Publication’s Launch Broke Medium

  • 2 min read

20K claps and 3233 comments.

Maybe he even broke a record when he launched his new publication.

No matter if he broke a record or not, 20K claps and 3233 comments are impressive.

Within a few hours after the official launch announcement he already got hundreds of comments of people congratulating him or asking to join the publication.

Here’s why: He wrote a wonderful “lean-in story” as I’d call it in marketing.

He was sick and tired of rejections, getting no feedback or kissing whatever to get into a publication, so he added his publications to Medium’s publication ecosystem.

People loved this because it was so relatable.

It’s great to tell others (as I do) to go with the bigger pubs, but what if they reject you, change your text without letting you know or not reply to your comments?

THIS is the publication from Martynas Ki. (@strangecash) that broke Medium and all records:

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