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This Simple Trick Really Helps You To Increase Your Referred Member Count

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Most writers don’t use it.

I see many writers who are missing out on the chance to gain (more) referred members.


⚠️Because they don’t utilize Medium’s most powerful promotion tool — the Medium friend link.

To be honest, most writers don’t even know it exists.

As you might know, non-paying members have access to up to 3 articles locked behind Medium’s paywall per month.

What’s the power of the Medium friend link?

The Medium friend link gives anyone free access to your story.

Plus, everyone who received the link can share it with others as well.

Here’s how to generate a friend link:

  • Simply click on the chain icon in the top right corner of your story:
  • or share your story directly via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How to gain referred members using your friend link

⚠️The most important thing is:

Put your referral link at the end of each article to gain new referred members.

Example 1: embedded referral link

Example 2: box with referral link

Where to find your referral link?

Go to Settings_Audience development_Membership referrals_promote membership

… and copy and paste the generated unique link.

How much can you earn per month with one referred member?

As you can see in Medium’s latest calculation, you can earn $2.01 for an annual membership or $2.27 for a monthly membership.

I love the Referral Program because it allows us to earn passive and recurring income.

Of course, the referred members come and go, I win and lose referrals every month, but as time goes you’ll refer more and more members.

🌟WOW-worthy examples:🌟

🌟Teacher and writer Don Sabado shared that by applying this strategy his referred member count increased for the 3rd consecutive month:

screenshot of Don Sabado’s Stats page

Here’s more:

🌟Rukshan Pramoditha earned a total of $2,000 just from referred members on Medium during the last 13 months.

screenshot of Rukshan’s stats page

Besides sharing his referral link at the bottom of every story, he also promotes it in his bio:

Here’s more:

🌟 Chris Freyler puts his referral link in his bio on Quora…

…and gains referred members on a constant basis.


Because people who love his answers on Quora also like to read more from Chris on Medium and maybe also want to share their relationship and love stories with the community.

Final Takeaways

Making income as a writer is a tough gig.

It’s a slow gradual process for sure.

The Medium friend link is a great promotional tool.

Use it as often as possible to attract potential new paying members outside of Medium.

Make sure to embed your referral link in every story so people can join Medium using your link.

With every new story published, you have the chance to win a new paying member!

🌟I’m curious. How are you faring with referrals?🌟

© Kristina God

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