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This Single Mom Sells Her Wreaths on Etsy and Makes $100,000 on the Side

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She asked for a raise in her accounting job and was met with blank stares. That’s why she started her side hustle.

Parents all around the world are doing a magnificent job.

Especially single moms who care for their children.

They need to provide for their family in a bigger way.

When Lauren Kilgore, who has worked for 15 years in the same company, asked her employer for a raise, she was met with blank stares although she missed all the functions at her kid’s school because of her job.

To break the glass ceiling of her corporate job, she started selling her wreaths on Etsy.

In her spare time, she learned everything she could about selling on Etsy….

Etsy Shop Lauren Kilgore

…and finally created an online course called “Handmade Sellers” where she teaches other women and single moms how to be successful on the side.

Website Lauren Kilgore

Thanks to her side hustle, Lauren is free now!

She doesn’t need to work for her employer anymore to care for her children.

She generated about $100,000 with her first online course and thus found her own appreciation!

“I couldn’t get back to working for someone else now that I know I can make money on my own.”

Lauren used to live for the weekend.

Now she’s living for the day.

Bottom Line

If your job isn’t giving you what you need and want, create the freedom and impact you want to create!

You don’t have to quit your job to make it work.

Just get your side hustle started!

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