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This Smart Creator Went From Zero to $100,000 in Sales With The Same Online Course

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It might take a while but it’s worth to keep on.

The other day a freelance friend of mine told me about a YouTube star.

Her name is Louise Henry.

She’s a super smart and driven content creator.

She really worked hard on reaching her goal of building an online course empire.

In 2016, she started creating YouTube videos from her parent’s basement.

When she wanted to sell her first online course she got… zero sales.

Besides YouTube, she also created content for Instagram.

Her sales funnel:

Creating awesome content on Instagram and YouTube ==> Getting people on the Mailing List ==> Promoting and Launching Online Courses

“I was upset, and self-doubt really kicked in. I thought that I’d wasted all this time on this online course… It’s not going to work, and it’s never going to be successful.”

Well, fast forward to today she made $100,000 with her first course by simply keeping on and trusting the process.

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