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This Will Benefit Your Writing Business for Years to Come

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and will immediately boost your income on Medium.

You need to know the business model of the platform you’re using.

Do you know Medium’s business model?

It’s a special one.

It’s a relational business model.

#1: It’s about the relationship one has with oneself:

  • For me, writing is meditative; it helps me find my own voice and become clear about what is important to me.

#2: Secondly, it’s about “relating” to and “interacting” with interesting other writers on Medium.

There are quite a few of those, would you agree?

The relationships you can form on Medium will benefit your business for YEARS to come.


Because relationships are the foundation of any serious business.

Medium’s algorithm loves when you comment and clap.

Once you do that, your Stats will go up!

Medium’s algorithm loves when you comment and clap.
Linda Locke

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