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This Writer Can Nominate Your Stories For A Boost!

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Meet one of Medium’s Official Boost Curators.

After Medium killed curation last summer, a lot of Medium members were wondering what Medium’s new distribution system would look like.

Earlier this year, Tony Stubblebine shared:

“Our job is to boost the best ideas and best information on Medium.”

Boost with a big B — Bigger rewards and bigger hits

In fact, Stubblebine introduced the highest-level Boost in the history of Medium.

In the future, the way Medium boosts quality stories will be much more impactful than the old distribution model.

If a story is chosen for a Boost, it gets at least 500 additional views.

In many cases, Boosted stories can get thousands or tens of thousands of views.

The 3 Factor-Boost-System (as I call it) consists of:

  • Community Curators
  • Medium’s Internal Curation Team
  • Algorithms

At the moment, there are 15 Medium publications that are testing the Boost button and are having a major say in what gets boosted.

Medium’s new Boost System
made in Canva

Tony declined to share who those editors and publications are.

I found one!

Many writers wonder who those official Boost Curators are.

Well, I found one. He outed himself in the comments section of one of my latest stories.

He has the “taste” to select excellent stories in his area of expertise from across the platform.

Taste = “taste comes down to having the experience to know what is true, what matters, and where there is debate”, Tony shared.

He’s a Top Writer in #Writing on Medium, with over 13 million views on his 500+ articles and 37K followers.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

His name is Thomas Smith and he has been writing on Medium since 2019.

This is how he describes himself:

“I’m an entrepreneur, CEO of Gado Images, a professional photographer, SEO expert, journalist and dad (x3). I can be seen in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN. I’m also an Amazon Influencer and YouTuber.”

His new publication The Generator is Boost-eligible. It’s a new publication about generative AI.

Thomas can nominate stories in his publication for a Boost.

Plus, he can highlight other generative AI stories on Medium for a Boost if they meet Medium’s criteria.

What does this mean for you?

To increase your chances of getting Boosted, Thomas recommends:

“If you write about ChatGPT, OpenAI, tools like Jasper or Content at Scale, AI, and the law, or any other generative AI topic, you should submit your stories to The Generator.

Want to write for The Generator?

Thomas invites you to:

Final Takeaways

The ultimate decision is still up to Medium.

However, in the role of an official Boost Curator, Thomas is a gatekeeper on Medium.

Medium relies on publication editors like him to send in high-quality story suggestions.

If Thomas likes your story and Medium agrees with his decision…


you’ll get a turbo boost!

What do you think about Medium’s Boost Curator System? Have you met another Boost Curator yet?

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