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This Writer Got 100 Referrals

  • 2 min read

An extra $217.12 per month in passive and recurring income is the dream.

Passive income is great.

Recurring passive income is even better!

Helena Anne recently asked me:

“…has the feature gone now where you get paid for new subscribers using your link? Haven’t had a new one in months and lost a few too. I loved that feature”

It’s still there but I know what she means.

A lot of writers told me that their referrals were down or stagnating.

As far as I’m concerned, I gain new referrals… but also lose some. So often it’s zero whereas until last summer it was 1–5 referrals per month, which was awesome.

It’s still possible and that’s why I want to show you Jim Clyde Monge’s success story.

Jim gained 100 followers.

Jim opened his own publication and is writing about AI and technology.

“As it stands, my 100 referrals translate to an additional $217.12 in my earnings every month.”

So, it’s still possible!

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