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This Writer Got 63 Referrals Within One Month

  • 2 min read

Medium wasn’t the critical referral driver. It was another channel

She’s a well-known writer on Medium.

If I say: cat mom, freelancer, YouTube star… ring, ring…

This makes the bell ring, am I right?

It’s Zulie Rane.

She’s one of the fastest-growing writers on this platform with now 87k followers… counting.

She’s down to earth, well-educated, smart, and knows how to write. I get why so many people admire her.

In addition, she has an unfair advantage. Early on, she started not only creating content for Medium but also for YouTube where she promotes writing on this platform.

Recently, she interviewed two spokespeople from Medium about the new Boost… and BANG… she got +63 (!) referrals in one month.

So in December 2022, she was at 259 referrals = $560.


Her most powerful referral tool isn’t Medium.

It’s YouTube.

For us this means, it’s absolutely smart to promote Medium memberships outside of the platform.

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