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This Writer Got Arrested by The “Medium Comment Police”

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He left 100 responses in 24 hours

Engaging and commenting is a good thing, right?

Medium is supposed to have it now as part of their new earnings calculation.

However, there’s a fellow writer on Medium who is funny and looks like a cartoon-bearded dude.

The guy I’m talking about is R C Hammond.

His motto:

A day without laughter is a day wasted (C. Chaplin)

RC is an intense engager and leaves great comments.

Recently he managed to leave 100 (!) comments in 24 hours.

That’s insane, isn’t it?

Guess what happened next?

From one moment to the next he couldn’t leave any comments anymore.


He was taken down and got arrested!

The “Medium Comment police” put him in jail.

Most engaged writers don’t know that there’s a limit of 100 responses in 24 hours.

Good news: Medium cleared RC’s restrictions and he’s good to go…“for now”.

Time to get arrested again?

Here’s more:


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