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This Writer Made $7,000 from a Single Article by Making Use of a Timely News Hook

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Her example shows how powerful news is for your writing success.

Everyone loves news.

It definitely grabs attention.

Especially if it’s a human interest story that includes emotive content.

As you may know, news can be reported in a range of ways.

Let me give you an example from Medium:

A few hours after the Oscars were over, I already saw the first stories popping up in my feed about the Will Smith slap.

As a trained journalist (and professional marketer) I know about the power of timely news hooks.

Still, I decided to not write about this event although it really engaged me emotionally.

Abena Talks did.

She earned a whopping $7,000 with one single story.

Well, she knows how to hook her audience from start to finish.

Apparently, a lot of Medium readers were eager to read Edina’s take on the shocking moment at the Oscars.

How did she hook her audience?

  • Her story caters to human interest and generates an emotional connection.
  • Her headline has definitely a hook: Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock For His “GI Jane Joke” and What Can This Outburst Teach Us?.
  • The headline gives both the facts AND some assessment. It indicates that it’s not a straight news story, but rather, an editorial piece.
  • She shares her experience with the Black community and Black Man (what I could not do, for example, because I am not firm with this).

She shares these cruel insights:

Black boys are taught to be “strong” and I can vouch for this, many Black children are raised by the belt.

I can’t speak on parenting in modern Black homes however, I know that I was raised by the belt, the curtain wire and many other weapons of punishment.

Steal Edina’s process

Here are the exact steps:

1 — Each day Edina searches through Google News, Feedly, Twitter, and other social platforms to check for trending news topics.

2 — She picks the two most popular topics and comes up with multiple story ideas.

3 — She places all the story ideas in a spreadsheet and decides on the most suitable platforms.

4 — She crafts the content and publishes all the pieces on the same day

5 — She monetizes some of the content using affiliate links

6 — Some platforms already have in-built monetization such as the Medium Partner Program and Hubpages Partner Program.

7 — She also publishes on my blogs and on YouTube.

8 — She shares the content on Twitter, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

Abena Talks

Hot topics to write about right now

Here are 4 hot topics you can write about plus Top Writer tags that could make you a Top Writer — besides #News:

1 — Elon Musk + Twitter

= use the Medium tag #Technology + #Social Media + #InternetofThings

2 — Taylor Swift + Out of the Woods / new movie Amsterdam

= use the Medium tag #Society + #Celebrity + #Movies

3 — Kim Kardashian + Damon Thomas

= use the Medium tag #Society + #Celebrity

4 — American football + different football players

= use the Medium tag #Sports + #Celebrity + #Culture

Here’s the full list of Top Writer tags:

Final Takeaways

Edina had significant monetary gain from one trending topic.

Her lessons learned:

…trending topics help to boost my income.

The key to making money with trending topics is to create content every single day.

© Kristina God

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