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This Writer Makes Up to $10,000 per Month on Medium

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Don’t believe the naysayers and doomsayers. It’s still possible to make a full-time income with Medium — without being Tim Denning.

I know people love to talk about Medium rockstars such as Tim Denning.

As for me, I love promoting and highlighting rising stars on Medium rather than talking about the same top writers over and over.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a writer who makes up to $10,000 per month on Medium.

You heard me right! That’s a good full-time income.

It’s still possible to earn a full-time income on Medium

Don’t believe all the naysayers and doom-sayers who just want to make money with your reading time, make you feel frustrated and stuck.

The guy I want to talk about today writes tutorials, talks about his experience as a data analyst, and gives advice to newbies.

If you think…

“Kristina, oh no, another tech writer? Really? I’m so tired of reading about how well tech writers earn…”

… please read on. I’ll also show you other examples from non-tech writers.

So let’s come back to the writer who earns money by writing about the tech world (because not every tech writer on this platform earns $10,000, am I right?!)

Meet Frank Andrade and his mind-blowing stats

His pen name is The PyCoach.

His real name is Frank Andrade.

He is a data scientist with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering who accumulated more than 8 million views to date.

This is what his mind-blowing stats looked like in January 2023:

photo credit: Teachable/PyCoach

I’ll be honest: is there anyone — except Tim Denning — who is getting 800,000 views per month on his content? This is a dream come true for every creator, isn’t it?

As his pen name already promises, he’s sharing a lot about the programming language Python which is highly hyped at the moment.


If you want to explore machine learning and artificial intelligence in-depth, Python is the programming language for you.

I guess that’s why his earnings increased dramatically over the last past months:

photo credit: Teachable/PyCoach

Machine learning and AI are the top searched keywords on Google. People all around the world want to learn more about it.

In addition, Frank is writing about web scraping, automation, and of course data science.

Publications Frank is writing for

On his LinkedIn profile, he shares that he has been a contributing writer for tds — Towards Data Science — one of Medium’s Top 10 Publications.

Artificial Corner: This publication belongs to the (new) AI publications on Medium. Frank owns this publication which has already around 450 followers.

Geek Culture: This publication belongs to Ali Mese who is also the owner of The Startup, one of Medium’s biggest publications. Geek Culture is all about tech with 28k followers.

The Startup: This is Medium’s biggest publication with 770k followers and +8 million monthly readers. I love The Startup because it’s all about starting your own business and growing it.

Some of Frank’s most successful stories

Ebooks and courses

On his About page Frank shares that he’s offering FREE cheat sheets/ebooks:

Python for Data Science Cheat Sheet, R Cheat Sheet for Data Science, SQL Cheat Sheet, Automation Cheat Sheet, Web Scraping Cheat Sheet.

In addition, he hosts an online course on Teachable called the “PyCoach Academy” together with ex-Netflix engineer Michael Lin you might know from his viral hitWhy I Quit a $450k Engineering Job at Netflix”.

Enough from the success of a #Technology writer?

You’re scratching your head wondering if you and I, who write about other topics, could also get a piece of the pie?

Well, sure!

I’ll give you two great examples of female medium rock stars on the rise:

Niharikaa — #Entrepreneurship and #Self Improvement

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi with 17k followers is the first I’d like to mention.

She’s writing about self-help, being a solopreneur, fitness, and health, and travel stories.

Her personal, vulnerable stories and her conversational writing style are unique and inspiring.

I don’t know how much Niharikaa earns now because I haven’t seen an earning report for 2023, but in 2021 she managed to earn $3,000 with her stories.

photo credit: Ayo’s newsletter

Besides self-publishing, Niharikaa publishes with The Startup, Mind Cafe, BAOS, Publishous, Curious, and In Fitness and in Health.

Niharikaa drives traffic to her Medium profile through her Twitter account and LinkedIn stories and runs the cohort “The Summit” and sells ebooks.

Eve Arnold — #Work, #Self Improvement and #Productivity

Another star in the Medium sky is Eve Arnold. She’s a rocket. Her growth on Medium is amazing.

A few months back she had the same amount of followers I have. Now she has 14k followers and 6.5k subscribers.

How did Eve boost her following?

Eve had a viral story about part-time writing while working 9–5. Based on this she built “The Part Time Creator Club”.

In fact, Eve is a Service Designer by day and a part-time creator by night.

She is writing on Twitter and gaining a lot of traffic from being successful on this platform.

Besides self-publishing and writing for The Startup where she publishes almost on a daily basis, she is writing for Making of a Millionaire, Curious, and Practice in Public.

How is Eve faring with Medium?

Very well!

In January 2023 she made $2,300 with 70,000 views.

photo credit: Eve Arnold

Now it’s your turn!

Are you already successfully writing about a specific topic on Medium and earning money with it?

Please share your story in the comments as an inspiration for others.

The recipe for earning money on Medium

Please keep in mind, I’m not an affiliate for these writers and I don’t earn money by promoting them and sharing their stories. That’s just me. Doing what I do most of the time.

I guess that sums up the recipe for earning money on Medium perfectly — DYD — do what you do!

As a working mom and part-time creator, I earn around 1k per month by putting pen to paper in the early morning or at night, sharing my voice, and helping others.

We could summarize the formula for content that earns money on Medium like this:

Value x Voice x Passion x Empathy x Inspiration x Skills

The three mentioned writers embrace this DYD formula perfectly.

Bottom Line

So if you also want to make money on Medium in 2023— of course, it doesn’t have to be $1,000 or $10,000.

It can be $10 or $100. Try to think of the DYD formula and feel inspired by these rising stars and many others who write on this platform.

Medium is still a great place to make money on the side.

Spend more time reading about people who inspire you instead of people who try to drag you down and make money with your most valuable resource — your attention!

Do you know other inspiring rising stars or want to share your own success story?

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