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This Writer Makes up to $11,000 per Month and Shares Her Three Top Monetizing Tips

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Her income was verified by a global news publication

Medium used to share income reports.

Unfortunately, in late 2020, they stopped.

That’s why so many people love reading them.

However, you have to be careful. Screenshots can be easily faked.

With this writer from Austria, it’s different. The global news publication Insider verified her earnings of up to $11,000.

The writer I’m talking about is Sinem Günel. Here are her three top monetizing tips:

1 — Grow your email list

It’s smart to use a call to action at the bottom of your story linking to your email list to sell services and products outside of Medium.

2 — Iterate and Repeat

Make sure that your articles look and feel very similar and structure them well so people really spend time reading your piece.

3 — Hidden Champions are gold

Claps and comments can be a vanity metric. Hidden champions such as #History and #True Crime pieces perform well with low engagement.

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