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This Writer Posted One Story and Got Featured in Mainstream Media

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The gold rush days are over, but you can learn from this example.

Entrepreneur Chris Winfield shared in a webinar I attended, that his story “How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7” in The Startup, one of Medium’s biggest publications, was circulated like crazy and got hundreds of thousands of views.

Being a smart entrepreneur, he saw this as an opportunity and approached other media outlets outside of Medium with this topic, who picked up his story and republished it!

This was in 2015 and it was his third post on Medium.

What was it about?

The Pomodoro technique: focused work for 25 minutes. Break. Repeat.

Sounds familiar?

Well, thousands of writers are writing about this technique in 2023. It’s nothing new anymore.

In 2023, we simply have to share other productivity techniques, topics to get distributed by Medium… and hopefully, one day goes viral.

If we do, we should keep in mind what Chris did!

Or try to get a book deal:

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