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This Writer Won A Medium Writing Award For “Best Story”

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It’s no secret that the Top Writer tag #Technology is one of the hottest on Medium.


Most traffic from Google as well as internally comes from people looking for tech advice.

I’m super impressed by all those #Technology tech writers such as The PyCoach Michael Lin or Jim Clyde Monge.

PyCoach for instance earned around 10K in January 2023.

The “Best Story Award”

His friend and co-instructor Michael Lin even won a Medium Writing Award.

Last year, one of Medium’s biggest publications, “Entrepreneur’s Handbook”, was looking for the “Best Story”.

Why I Quit a $450k Engineering Job at Netflix didn’t only make it to the “Medium Staff’s Picks” but also won the “Best Story Award”.

In a virtual ceremony, Dave Schools, owner of Entrepreneur’s Handbook, told him he won the “Best Story Award” and $100.

Congrats, Michael!

Want to write for Entrepreneur’s Handbook?

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