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This Writer Wrote 50 Stories on Medium and Then Published a Book

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Yeah! This book wouldn’t exist without Medium

Ever thought about publishing a book?

Well, for most writers becoming a book author is a dream come true.

On Medium there are a handful of success stories where writers got a viral article and then … a book deal.

Andy Romanoff’s story is different.

He didn’t wait for a book deal to come. He self-published his own book. But where did he start?

In 2016 he started writing short stories.

When people asked him why he didn’t write a book he used to say:

“I’m good for a story. But a book is beyond me!”

Creating something from nothing is hard.

You have no idea what’s going to come of it.

Around 2020 he realized he had written around 50 stories on Medium.

These 50 stories were the basis for his memoir!

If publishing a book is one of your goals, my advice is to write on Medium!

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