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Tim Ferriss’s Fear-Setting Exercise Is Bombastic (With Template)

  • 2 min read

Soothe your fears by listing your fears instead of your goals. Your fears are deceptive.

I love self-help guru Tim Ferris.

His book literally changed my life and my perspective on my corporate job.

If you fear taking action, Tim is your go-to source.

Recently, I found a checklist he created to overcome your fears.

Because most of the time fear is holding us back.

It’s sitting in the driver's seat and we have to get back control over our lives by embracing that fear is part of our lives.

Fear wants to keep us safe.

So buckle up your fear on the passenger seat by doing Tim’s easy practice once a week:

  • Spend 10–20 minutes writing down 10 of the worse things that could happen when you quit your job.
  • Write down 10 ways you could prevent these things from happening.
  • Write down 10 ways you could repair each bad thing.

I bet your fears will disappear.

Here’s Tim’s free template!

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