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Time Is A Ticket When Writing Online

  • 1 min read

Let’s get to writing some epic sh*t

In a recent interview, Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine shared that he’d call himself a “late bloomer”.

He studied tech. Worked for different companies. Then started to build and grow his own startups/companies. He built three publications on Medium (Better Humans, Better Marketing, Better Programming)…

…and now, in his mid-forties, became Medium’s CEO.

Tony’s tips:

  • Learning your craft takes time.
  • People learn and grow by doing. If you change your bad idea you’ll learn a lot.

Here’s what I think:

  • Yes, learning to become a (better) writer takes time. So hit publish BEFORE you feel ready!
  • Yes, embrace to fail. Keep on keeping on.

Because time is DEFINITELY a ticket when writing online.

So, put your head down and get to work!

There’s NO ONE on Medium who is like YOU.

Let’s get to writing!

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