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Tip Me Today and Get A VIP Coaching-Ticket

  • 1 min read

YES! Friday the 13th is your lucky day.

If you’ve sent me an email you may have realized that I haven’t answered it yet.

Will I ever answer it?

Probably not.

My inbox is about to explode.

It’s humanly impossible to answer all those emails

BUT today is your lucky day — although it’s the Friday 13th.

I want to flip the script and make this day a lucky day for you!

How can Friday the 13th be your LUCKY day?

Well, you can tip me today, become a VIP and I’ll answer your question.

How to become a VIPer?

  • Buy me a Ko-fi and you’ll get personal coaching via email. Click here!
  • ✅Once you’ve bought me a coffee just send me an email at You can ask me anything you want!

🍀YES! Click here to visit my official Kofi-page.🍀


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