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Tired of Algorithmic Chicanery Getting Between You and Your Readers?

  • 2 min read

Here’s what you can do.

Often I get asked whether it’s possible to repurpose your Medium stories on Substack.

Sure, it is!

You own your writing.

You can do with it whatever you like.

I often get emails or DM’s on X from people complaining about the algorithmic chicanery getting in between them and their readers — especially from those who already got booted.

Once you feel the boosting power you’re disappointed when you check your stats page and see only a small percentage reading your stories.

Here’s help.

Why not republish your content on Substack?

The four absolute key things you need to know:

  1. Substack is free to use. Substack only gets a 10% cut if you win a paying subscriber.
  2. You own your data, including your subscriber list. You can export it and take it with you.
  3. You have the option of monetizing your work. If you don’t feel ready yet you can turn on pledges so people can show you that they’d pay for your writing.
  4. You’re in control of your stories. If someone subscribes to you, they will receive your newsletter and get it in their inbox!

So if you’re tired of the algorithmic chicanery or human boost curation, why not spread your wings and add a new tool to your writer toolbox?

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