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To Get Boosted, Your Stories Do Not Have to Be in Publications

  • 2 min read

On Substack, I shared a list of 13 publications that can Boost your Medium stories.

I recommended joining at least one of those pubs to increase the chances of getting Boosted.

In addition, by seeing which other stories get Boosted you can learn so much more about what Medium is looking for and what high-quality stories really are.

Besides joining a publication, you can also self-publish your stories.

Stories don’t need to be in publications to get Boosted!

You can also publish them on your own profile or own publication.

Medium’s 63 Nominators from the community can recommend up to 5 stories per week for a Boost.

They not only submit stories from their own publication/s but from across the whole platform.

In addition, Medium’s internal Curation Team can also find and Boost you.

You want to learn more about the Boost? Sure thing! Grab my free eBook!

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