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To The Writers Who Are Overthinking EVERYTHING

  • 2 min read

Get in the game!

Hi, I’m Kristina God.

I’m a Top Writer on Medium and a recovering overthinker.

Since there are so many (new) writers on Medium overthinking EVERYTHING I just needed to share this today:

Don’t overthink everything. Get in the game!

Yes, it’s gonna be clunky. It’s gonna be messy.

Yes, you’ll earn zero or just pennies BUT, my sweet friend, one day… you’ll gonna succeed.

You define what success means for you — whether it’s starting a conversation, earning decent money, or landing freelance clients.

I encourage you to get in the game!

You have to commit to taking imperfect actions.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Perfect is a lie.

There are things I can teach you.

Things you’ll contextually understand BUT you’re not in the game when you don’t show up.

Tell me in the comments. Are you in it to win it?

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