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Today, Medium Is Killing This Snazzy Feature

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Medium is shaking things up! This is just the beginning.

Today, on April 12th, we’re waving goodbye to custom colors and fonts on user profiles — as I announced already in the mid of February.


It’s all about accessibility and making Medium the ultimate space for sharing stories, experiences, and wisdom.

Remember those snazzy customization tools Medium introduced three years ago?

  • Background colors
  • accent colors
  • font
design editor example

… all to make your Medium profile uniquely yours.

Why Is Medium Killing the Snazzy Customization Tools?

Apparently, as often, it didn’t entirely take off as Medium would hope.

But there’s more to it.

Custom themes can be tough for readers with color blindness or other visual sensitivities.

Ever struggled with eye strain from switching between dark and light backgrounds?

Yep, that’s what Medium wants to avoid.

Custom Themes Just Don’t Fit The Bill

Medium could limit color options or add reader-only filters like Dark Mode.

But since the publishing platform is all about focusing on its core mission:

building the best place for sharing your stories with the world — custom themes just don’t fit the bill.

So, What’s Changing?

From today, April 12th, custom profile background colors, accent colors, and fonts will be no more.

White backgrounds and green accents will become the new norm, with sans-serif headings and serif body text (just like you’re reading now).

But Don’t Worry!

You can still customize profile headers and logos at

photo credit: Kristina’s header and logo

And publication backgrounds, accent colors, and fonts won’t be affected.

Stay Tuned: More Updates Will Come Soon

Medium shared that they’ve got exciting updates coming to Medium’s story page.

Think: less distraction, more focus on your words, and customizable image sizes. WMedium is all about creating the best reading and writing experience, minus the fuss.

I Can’t Wait to Hear Your Thoughts!

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