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Today The Winners Of The Medium Writers Challenge Will Be Announced

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with Last Minute FAQs and the blog where they’ll celebrate the winners

Many writers are wondering when Medium will officially announce the winners of the Medium Writers Challenge with prizes up to $50,000 and a total value of $100,000.

Stop scratching your head about when the winners will be announced.

⏲️ I’m thrilled to announce that… apparently, today is the day to celebrate the winners! Oct 12th, 2021.

No official announcement yet but an answer from Medium Help Center

A few days ago, T. Mark Mangum reached out to the Medium Help Center to ask when the winners will be announced.

This is the exciting answer he received:

Due to the large number of submissions we received, we are taking more time with the judging.

The prompt winners and grand prize winner will be announced on October 12th, and the honorable mentions will be announced on October 15th.

Be sure to follow for the announcement.

Last Minute FAQs for the Writers Challenge:

  1. 👍 Medium will announce ‘four finalist winners — one for each prompt’ who will get $10,000 each today.
  2. 👍 One of the finalists will be selected for a grand prize of $50,000 — announcement today.
  3. 👍 The Top 100 honorable mention selections will each win $100 — announcement ⏲️ 15th October 2021.
  4. 👍 Submissions will have been scored based on:
  • creativity (40%)
  • originality (30%)
  • writing quality (30%)

5. 👍 There were 4 guiding prompts: Reentry, Death, Work, and Space

6. 👍 For instance, Natalie Portman and other inspiring personalities such as Susan Orlean and David Dennis, Jr. will have judged your entry/ies

7. 👍 Be sure to follow for the announcement.

Statements and open questions from fellow writers

Fellow writer Raffaella Ferretti is wondering:

I remember that in the first email they said they would have previously contacted the winners via email. Has anyone been contacted or not yet?

My fellow friend Burk is excited. He informed his followers and said

(…) today could be your lucky day! Good luck to all of you (…)

Final Takeaways

We can all celebrate!

The Medium Writers Challenge is/was beneficial for all writers on this platform. Why?

First of all, if the challenge made you consider writing it’s accomplishing its goal. People like Michael Nagy got out of their comfort zone and gave writing a try.

Second, it’s good publicity. The Medium Writers Challenge attracted more paying members and made people talk about the platform.

The more people join this platform and become paying members, the more money is in the pot for all creators.

The long-term potential is absolutely enormous.

👍 Be sure to follow for the announcement of the winners!

© Kristina God

PS: UPDATE: Kelly Eden just twittered ‘Tomorrow is the day someone will win $60K!’ Here’s the tweet:

screenshot by Kristina God

I‘d love to hear about your thoughts in the comments!

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