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Tony Stubblebine Let ChatGPT Write an Article — This Is What Happened

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He thinks it's gross and the information is trite.

ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips.

It’s so highly hyped that you can’t access the AI platform at the moment because of too much traffic.

Additionally, Microsoft is in the middle of making a new multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI — the startup behind the popular ChatGPT.

Some like ChatGPT. Some hate it.

Two months ago, Medium’s CEO, Tony Stubblebine, did an experiment.

He let ChatGPT write an article about planning a company offsite.

“(A)n AI that’s probably never been to a company offsite,” Tony added.

What does Tony think about the AI-generated text?

“(…)I think this is gross. I’m just running it as an SEO test.”

But there’s more…

  • the advice is ok
  • a real person who attended an offsite could give you much better advice.

The most important message from Stubblebine is:

“Please don’t take this as an invite to spam Medium with AI generated SEO content mill trash.”

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