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Toot! Get Members-Only Community Access To Mastodon (With FAQ)

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Medium fully opened the doors to its private Mastodon instance, How you can be part of the new community experience.

Good news!

A few days ago, Medium fully opened the doors to its private Mastodon instance,

It’s hot. It’s new and I’m sure you want to be part of this new community experience.

Here’s what the new community experience is all about and how to get access to the community.

Get Members-only Access in 5 easy steps

Mastodon instances are generally free to join.

However, Medium’s instance is for members only. Joining the Mastodon server requires a subscription to Medium for $5 per month (or $50 per year).

If you’re a Medium member, you can set up your account in a few seconds and fully join the fediverse by following the details in the email Medium sent you.

If you can’t find the email with the title “New! Get a Mastodon account with your Medium membership”, I’ve got you covered.

Here's how to get your new account up and running:

1– You can create your Medium account by going here (

2 — Then your Medium username will be used to create your Mastodon account.

photo credit: Medium + Mastodon onboarding

Keep in mind: Medium has reserved your username on so you’ll have an opportunity to register it before anyone else. For example, my Medium username is “kristinagod” so my username is

This reservation will expire after March 20th. From that day, Medium members will be allowed to register any available username.

3 — You just have to set a password and confirm it.

Keep in mind: Please note, your account username can’t be edited in the future. If you would like a different username, return to your Medium settings and change it before creating your Mastodon account.

4 — Log into directly with the new password you set when you created the account. Medium will auto-populate profile information on Mastodon with information from your Medium account.

photo credit:

5 — Follow people you’d like to see posts from. Medium suggests the most popular. I recommend thinking of your Top 5 to 10 writers/readers on Medium and looking for them.

photo credit:

If you’re not a Medium member yet

If you’re not a Medium member, you can join today by becoming an official member by clicking here.

The Medium Community FAQ

I bet you have a lot of questions, new writers.

No worries, I’ve got you covered. If there’s a question you don’t find the answer to, please leave a comment.

What is Mastodon and why does Medium join the network?

Mastodon gained traction after a lot of (influential) people started jumping ship from Twitter.

Since many writers use Twitter for promoting their content, top-tier media suggested that their leaving the platform could impact businesses like Medium.

What’s so appealing to Ev and Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine is that Mastodon is the anti-Twitter.

  • It’s a decentralized (or federated) social media network.
  • The idea: anyone can run parts of this network.
  • It’s operated by different interdependent servers which make up the bigger network.

Additionally, it’s ad-free and creator-focused.

Additionally, there is no algorithm that boosts specific stories.

Readers have full control over what they want to read.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What does the Medium community experience look like?

Medium has already 11K followers and 8K active users.

photo credit:

The company is for instance sharing curated lists, insights on the Mastodon launch, and trending stories.

The account wants to “boost smart information and ideas, and also to help find and recommend interesting accounts.”

Tony Stubblebine promises…

  • a reliable infrastructure and moderation
  • a short domain name to make sharing your username easier
  • better onboarding for new users
  • an interesting local feed.

What can Medium writers do on Mastodon?

A lot of the same things you can do on Twitter.

  • sharing and promoting your Medium stories
  • talking about what’s on your mind
  • contribute to conversations that pop up in your feed
  • send direct messages
  • practicing short form writing (up to 500 characters)

Why should I join?

Mastodon offers a great opportunity for us to share our Medium stories with a broader audience and to connect with other Medium writers.

Is blogging on Mastodon = short form writing?

Yes, it is.

What’s super exciting is that you can practice the art of microblogging, meaning writing up to 500 characters.

You can share your stories or short-form thoughts with millions of potential readers on the Mastodon network.

I’ve heard joining Mastodon is super complicated?

A lot of users have complained that joining Mastodon is confusing.

Medium knows about this and offers onboarding by integrating its instance with Medium member accounts as shown above.

This makes it easier for Members to sign up to

Plus, Medium is auto-populating profile information on Mastodon with information from Medium accounts.

Additionally, Medium’s team has created a list of stories about Mastodon.

Is my username reserved?

Similar to when YouTube launched its handles, Medium reserved your username but only until March 20th.

After this reservation expires, Medium members will be allowed to register any available username.

Who is moderating

Medium has its own Trust and Safety team directly handling moderation.

Is stable?

Yes. Medium is running the instance on its own infrastructure.

How to share a Medium story on Medium?

Good news.

Medium has teased that it's working on a “Share to Mastodon” button.

Meanwhile, you can copy and paste the link to your story.

You can also post your story in short-form (500 characters or less).

Mastodon posts are called toots. Toot, toot!

My honest opinion about Mastodon

(New) Medium writers have strong opinions about Mastodon.

Some have concerns and are skeptical, and others prefer Post.

Mastodon looks intriguing.

It’s still a bit awkward to use if you ask me. It’s less simple than Twitter.

So it can definitely be confusing and weird at first, but that’s totally normal.

See you in the community! =>

Toot, toot!

I’m curious. What do you think about Medium and Mastodon?

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