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Top 10 Topics To Write About On Medium

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There is a list of 73

Most writers don’t know this:

If you want to become a Top Writer on Medium you need to use tags that are eligible for Top Writer status.

Recently, I created a list of the 73 topics that are most popular on Medium and can gain you a Top Writer badge as well. Yeah!

Did you know that number one is #Poetry with 572K stories?

#Technology is in fourth place with 454K stories.

#Bitcoin on #10 with 326K stories.

Here’s a Top 10 list for you with topics to write about:

  1. Poetry (572K)
  2. Life Lessons (558K)
  3. Health (462K)
  4. Technology (454K)
  5. Writing (437K)
  6. Self Improvement (431K)
  7. Business (411K)
  8. Entrepreneurship (376K)
  9. Travel (375K)
  10. Bitcoin (326K)

These are the top 10 topics to write about on Medium.

Write about these topics and boost your success.

Here’s the full list of top tags:

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